About Us

Welcome our new Executive Director

We are excited to announce our new Executive Director: Angela Dickson. The Board of Directors are pleased and feel fortunate to find an excellent leader for Pope’s Place in our local community stating “she is eager to begin serving and has the spirit and compassion needed to carry forward our mission.”

About our Founder

In 1956, a young man left school to join the Air Force, kickstarting a lifetime of service. He went on to serve in the Peace Corps and earn his doctorate. Dr. Isaac Pope eventually found his way to Chehalis with his wife, Jo. His practice introduced him to the substantial challenges faced by parents of children with extra needs. In 1995, he gathered a group of community leaders to address these concerns. The Popes opened a two-room pediatric clinic and a respite center – a program that would evolve into Pope’s Place. Here, extraordinary individuals receive skilled care and their families find respite. Dr. Pope has received 14 service awards in his career – local, state, and national honors – for his work with children with special healthcare needs and his improvements to the medical community. His compassion and inclusive work have changed countless lives among the vulnerable members of our community.

25 Years of Service

Our programs and campus have undergone countless transformations, but our mission remains the same. Since the opening of Pope’s two-room centers in 1995, we have felt honored to care for some of the most vulnerable members of our community. We are continuously humbled and grateful for our generous donors, volunteers, families, and staff, whose efforts make it all possible. We look forward to another 25 years of strengthening individuals, families, and our community.


Executive Director

Angela Dickson

Director of
Social Services

Stephanie Jankowski

Director of Nursing Services

Debbi Burzynski

Human Resource Manager

Jessica Rhodes

Senior Billing Specialist

Destiny Simpson

Senior Admin Assistant & Events

Naimbet Medina

Our Mission

Pope’s Place provides individualized care for children and young adults with exceptional medical needs to strengthen them, their families, and the community.

Our Vision

All children and young adults with medical complexity will reach their fullest potential in a safe and loving environment.

Our Core Values

Collaboration, Integrity, Dedication, Compassion, Excellence

A Dedicated Nonprofit Board


Sue Sincock

Washington State Auxiliary Trustee

This place changes everything because . . .
of the caring professional staff and a dedicated community supporting Pope’s.

Vice President

Lindy Waring

Bicoastal Media- Marketing 

This place changes everything because . . .
of the compassionate care our staff provides to each and every one of our patients and their families.


Mary Kay Nelson

MK Marketing- Owner 

This place changes everything because . . .
when facing some of life’s challenges Popes’ Place is here to support, encourage, care and most of all love, those who need our services. Each family deserves to be happy. We strive to make a positive difference in every family we serve.


Jacek Gillispie

This place changes everything because . . . Everyone deserves an opportunity to thrive.
Past President

LauraLee Zuber-Titus

John L Scott CNT- Owner 

This place changes everything because . . .
each and every individual we are blessed with are welcomed with open arms from our amazing staff and are treated as if they are one of their own.

Joyce Hammer

Centralia College- Vice President of Instruction 

This Place changes everything…
in the lives of children with special needs by showing them they matter and providing them and their families with exemplary care and support for an enriched future.

Cheri Lewis

TwinStar Credit Union- Member Service Officer 

This place changes everything because . . .
our community cares!

Kyle Markstrom

Commissioner at Port of Centralia 

This place changes everything because . . . Only the toughest warriors are given the hardest battles and Pope’s Place support their every need along the way.

Roy Calica

WA DOH- HR Consultant, Investigation Specialist

This Place changes everything…
it takes a human centered approach to each situation, striving for the most equitable outcome possible.”