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Caring Leadership

Pope’s Place is a unique organization full of caring people who highly value relationships. We work hard to strengthen those relationships by building trust and respect through open communication, integrity, honesty, and compassion. 

Our Mission

Pope’s Place provides individualized care for children and young adults with exceptional medical and behavioral needs to strengthen them, their families, and the community.

Pope’s Place Staff

Opening their hearts daily to help families navigate their unique journeys:

Shirley Billings

Executive Director

Kaylene Fischer

HR Specialist

Naimbet Medina

Marketing Specialist

Destiny Simpson

Billing Specialist

Barb Sonnenberg

Director of Nursing Services

ADN South Puget Sound, 1993
BSN WGU, 2010
Dedicated staff since 2002

Kassie Yaeger

Director of Early Learning Center

Gonzaga University Graduate
BA, IR, 2018
MA, Organizational Leadership, 2019
Childcare provider since 2010

Jaimee Dobson

Assistant Director of Nursing Services

ADN South Puget Sound, 2014
BSN WGU, 2016
Dedicated staff since 2014

Jennifer Hackett

Nursing Supervisor

ADN Lower Columbia College, 2015
Dedicated staff since 2016

A Dedicated Nonprofit Board

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Chris Judd


Title Guaranty of Lewis County

This place changes everything . . .
by providing care to kids in need and hope to families who are desperate.

LauraLee Zuber-Titus

Past President

John L. Scott

This place changes everything because . . .
each and every individual we are blessed with are welcomed with open arms from our amazing staff and are treated as if they are one of their own. 

Sue Sincock

Vice President

Bald Eagle Cleaning

Chehalis Eagles Secretary

Washington State Auxiliary Trustee

This place changes everything because . . .
of the caring professional staff and a dedicated community supporting Pope’s.

Mary Kay Nelson


MK Marketing

This place changes everything because . . .
when facing some of life’s challenges Popes’ Place is here to support, encourage, care and most of all love, those who need our services. Each family deserves to be happy. We strive to make a positive difference in every family we serve.

Cheri Lewis


TwinStar Credit Union

This place changes everything because . . .
our community cares!

Lindy Waring

The Chronicle

This place changes everything because . . .
of the compassionate care our staff provides to each and every one of our patients and their families.

Harlan Thompson

Retired, Public Relations

This place changes everything because . . .
we care for kids in a different way with compassion and love and support for their families. Our staff is the best.

Katherine Gulmert

Law Offices of Katherine Gulmert Attorney

This place changes everything because . . .
miracles happen here!

Nani Jackins-Park

Equity Works NW

This place changes everything because . . .
their work is driven by love for children and a determined vision for healthy, happy and whole families. 

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